Sildenafil Axxon: ED Brand from a Young Pharmaceutical Company

Sildenafil Axxon: ED Brand from a Young Pharmaceutical Company

  • Brand: Sildenafil Axxon
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: AXXON Sp. z o.o.
  • Country of Manufacture: Poland
Sildenafil Axxon Package
Sildenafil Axxon Package

Review and Description

Sildenafil Axxon is a generic drug of globally renowned brand Viagra. Sildenafil is the main acting component in this blue film-coated pill. Sildenafil is a molecule that is regarded as one of the most successful treatments for erectile dysfunction in men. However, it does not cure impotence but does help to relieve its symptoms for few hours, or until the effect of the pill lasts.

Polish generic manufacturer Axxon Pharma known for cheap generics is the manufacturing company of Sildenafil Axxon. It is a very young Polish company that came into being just in 2005. It was established with the aim of providing various services to other manufacturing companies but later went on to become a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals. As with any new business, it has limited product range, and only one product to treat erectile dysfunction. Company’s website claims that its facilities follow good manufacturing practices and some of the units are also US FDA approved. Its prime focus is on the manufacturing of dermatological creams. Not many details are provided on the website about the products, which raises more questions than it answers. The website offers very limited information in English and product summary of Sildenafil Axxon is available only in Polish. While going through the site, one gets an impression that not all the goods which company is offering are being made in its factories. It is entirely possible that some of the products are contract manufactured by some other parties, this is quite common when the manufacturer is small and new in the market.

Sildenafil Axxon is available in the two dose powers that are 50 mg and 100 mg. Sildenafil is a product known to inhibit a PDE5 enzyme in male penile tissue, thus increasing the concentration of cGMP. cGMP helps to relax the walls of blood vessels in corpus cavernous of the penis, leading to improved erection and sexual experience.

Axxon Pharma Main Office
Axxon Pharma Main Office

Sildenafil Axxon Reviews

From the very beginning, we were skeptic about this company, and we were right about it. When searching the net, we could not see a single review about this product. It is a product which has limited availability outside Poland. Not just this product, in fact, Axxon is a local Polish player and not a global. It is a very young company with no history behind it, In fact, most of its products are less than 10 years in the market. Thus it is hard to have any views about such manufacturer.

When it comes to health product and manufacturer, both the history and present reviews are considered as essentials. In the absence of these factors, there is no way for a customer to believe in the product and risk the personal well-being.

Best is to pick from the wide array of well-recommended brands available on the trusted online stores. Other similar products offer more dose forms and combinations for various needs.

Pricing and Dosage

Sildenafil Axxon is a well-priced product, with each tablet of 100 mg costing little above 1.1 USD. When we say well priced we mean in comparison to original Viagra, else many known generic versions of this pill are accessible at similar or lower prices. Many of the famous brands offer huge discounts on larger orders; all this is possible due to their massive turnover.

Sildenafil Axxon Cost
Sildenafil Axxon Cost

For the treatment of ED, initiate your treatment with 50 mg once just before the lovemaking. There is no need to take it on a daily basis, but just according to necessity or need.

How to Buy Sildenafil Axxon Online

Sildenafil Axxon is available for sales in Poland and around. Anyone thinking to buy this product must be well versed in Central European languages, as the product is not available in any reputable pharmacies or online platforms.

The buying process is not going to be easy, as apart from language issues, online stores selling this product do not provide accurate shipping information.

How to Use

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, sildenafil is a safe and efficient choice to make. Sildenafil is not a medicine for which you go through some treatment regime, but rather take as and when needed. Just take a single tablet with a glass of water approximately sixty minutes before intimacy. Avoid taking while eating or with alcohol. If you have never tried it before, better start with 50 mg once in 24 hours and then may increase to 100 mg if that does not help you. However, do not take more than one pill in 24 hours.

Side Effects

It is a product that dilates blood vessels, thus in some causing nasal congestion, while others report about mild headaches, facial flushing, in some cases could be diarrhea or visual changes.

Most of these side effects are transitory, not lasting more than few hours.

The only caution should be taken in people with weak heart. It is seen that after taking this pill man often overindulge in sex, thus giving too much stress to the heart.


Sildenafil is a potent drug to make your penis hard. It is a treatment of choice for impotence. If you have a problem in getting an erection, then look no further, just try this pill and be amazed. Many men after taking sildenafil tablet feel as if they are in their twenties again.

When it comes to the choice, Sildenafil Axxon does not seem to be the right thing; it is a product by the very young company, with little pharmaceutical manufacturing experience. This manufacturer is more involved in topical dermatological creams, which are easier to make, as they are not taken orally, but oral medicine needs entirely different kind of expertise in manufacturing. Axxon Pharmaceuticals, in fact, is not a very well known or respected name even in Poland.

Therefore it would be reasonable and logical to give this product 1 out of 5-star rating. It is not the product to start or continue your therapy with; else there are high chances that you may not get the kind of results you may be looking for. We also caution the readers not to indulge in self-treatment, erectile dysfunction may be an indicator of other serious health problems, so better consult your physician for treatment.

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